Three Tips To Reduce The Effect of the Loss of Fibroglandular Tissues and Fat

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Fibroglandular tissues and fat are sometimes the unwanted effect that weight loss has on a woman.  These tissues and fat make up the density of the breast.  During wieght loss the size of the breast also decreases, these changes are unique to each woman but in some cases 75% of the breast is made up of fat composition, according to breast link.

The following are 3 tips how to prevent breasts from sagging after weight lost.

  1. Wear a supportive bra during workouts, reevaluate the size every couple months.
  2. Don’t do crash diets that cause you to lose weight fast and in an unhealthy way, this can have an adverse effect on your skin’s elasticity.
  3. Focus your workouts to build muscle tone in your chest area.

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Connection Establish Between HSV Out Break and Cellular Stress

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Once inside the host, the herpes simplex virus remains as a latent infection through out the life of the host.

The DNA genome of HSV is silent during latency.  A connection has now been established between cellular stress and the reactive expression of the genes creating herpes symptoms through infective virus particles.

 “Cliffe et al. report that signaling through the c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) pathway, which is activated in response to various types of cellular stress, relieved transcriptional repression of latent HSV.”

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Study Shows “Exercise Hormone” can Boost Exercise Endurance

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Ekaterina Subbotina, PhD, of the University of Iowa, publishes the findings of a new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  It was found that increaseing blood circulation of a peptide called musclin improves exercise endurance.

Mice that were genetically engineered to be deficient in musclin were unable to exercise as long or as hard as normal mice.  Once these mice were injected with musclin they returned to normal exercise capacity.

This link could bring help for individuals who find it hard to engage in physical activity.  For more advice on health and wellness visit Groom and Style.

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Accreditation for Dental Therapy Education Program Approved By CODA

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The newly implemented accreditation process by the Commission on Dental Accreditation has been hailed as “significant milestone”.

According to H. Peter Ku, D.D.S. PA, dental therapy educational programs are currently operational in only two states.

This new accreditation will undoubtedly create a more defined career path for dental hygienists.

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University of Sydney Study Reveals Traditional “Drill and Fill” approach May Not Be Needed to Reverse Tooth Decay

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The Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology published the findings of a seven year study that discovered that preventative oral care reduced filings by almost 50%.

It is common for dentist like Josey Lane Dentistry to stop tooth decay by removing the affected area then restore it with a filling material.

The study finds that preventative care is important for the reduction of tooth decay.

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