Australia: Universities Are Making a Global Push Into Free Online Education

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As 15 new courses are offered online through The University of Queensland, the global push to provide free online courses has taken off.  Australian universities have nearly 50 courses that can be taken online.

The best universities online no longer replicate academic topics but have moved to covering subjects of general interest in a more complete way or they now offer career focused courses that are appealing to professionals.

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School District Attempts to Communicate with Public Through The Use of an Online Survey

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Teton County School District has posted it’s second survey online for the public to voice their opinions regarding the plans to build a new elementary school.

Chairwoman Patricia Russell doesn’t believe that the survey will provide the answers that the trustees are looking for.  However Russell does think that the use of the survey is a step in the right direction.

The public and parents don’t have many choices when it comes to the education of their children, with the exception of searching for online schools offering laptops to give the kids another education option.

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Oregon University Considering Highest Tuition Increase in it’s History

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In spite of Oregon lawmakers approving $665 million in general support for the state’s seven public universities, the University of Oregon is proposing an annual increase of almost 5%.

It is expected that many students will turn to Online Schools that Offer Laptops in exchange for the high priced universities.  Public Universities have not learned that students do weigh the opportunity costs of the amount of student loan debt compared to their future earning potential.

The end result of tuition increases will be students looking for alternatives to the high priced education.

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