Three Tips To Reduce The Effect of the Loss of Fibroglandular Tissues and Fat

Fibroglandular tissues and fat are sometimes the unwanted effect that weight loss has on a woman.  These tissues and fat make up the density of the breast.  During wieght loss the size of the breast also decreases, these changes are unique to each woman but in some cases 75% of the breast is made up of fat composition, according to breast link.

The following are 3 tips how to prevent breasts from sagging after weight lost.

  1. Wear a supportive bra during workouts, reevaluate the size every couple months.
  2. Don’t do crash diets that cause you to lose weight fast and in an unhealthy way, this can have an adverse effect on your skin’s elasticity.
  3. Focus your workouts to build muscle tone in your chest area.

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